Wealth Shift Terms

We came up with the following Wealth Shift definitions which have now become part of our everyday vocabulary. Our guess is that after you read these definitions, they’ll become part of your vocabulary too!
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Wealth Shift vb :
the process by which people reallocate items of monetary value to themselves based solely on their own judgment and not upon any fairly negotiated written or verbal agreement between themselves and others (~ed; ~ing)
Conceptual Use – Joe felt like going to the beach today, so he decided to Wealth Shift by calling in sick.

Wealth Shifter n :
one who Wealth Shifts
Conceptual Use – Joe, who spends a lot of time at the beach, is a pretty competent Wealth Shifter.

Wealth Shifty adj :
full of resourceful Wealth Shift behavior
Conceptual Use – Joe is so Wealth Shifty that he often pretends to work late. In reality he is simply waiting for other people to leave the office so he can raid the supply closet.

Wealth Shiftier; ~est; adj :
used to denote varying degrees of Wealth Shift behavior
Conceptual Use – While Joe is a lot Wealth Shiftier than many of his co-workers, the CEO of Joe’s company, Mr. Bigboy (who uses the company as his personal piggy bank), is the Wealth Shiftiest of them all.

Wealth Shifty-eyed adj :
an expression indicative of a desire to Wealth Shift
Conceptual Use – When Joe was asked to drive Mr. Bigboy and his family to the airport for their annual two week vacation at the corporate villa in Italy, Mr. Bigboy caught Joe looking Wealth Shifty-eyed at their mode of transportation - the company’s private plane.

Wealth Shiftrinsic adj :
of or relating to the essential nature of Wealth Shift
Conceptual Use – Mr. Bigboy asked Joe to take the company Mercedes and keys back to his office. Joe, realizing the Wealth Shiftrinsic value of having Mr. Bigboy’s keys in his possession for two weeks, used them to gain access to the company’s offices one night and Wealth Shift a new laptop computer.

Wealth Shiftless ~ness adj :
one who Wealth Shifts by inaction and other forms of freeloading
Conceptual Use – Joe, who hasn’t been promoted in years, tends to devote a lot of time to Wealth Shiftless behavior like hiding out in the men’s bathroom text messaging his friends about their weekend plans for Mr. Bigboy’s company Mercedes. Joe’s Wealth Shiftlessness does occasionally get him in trouble with his supervisor, Ms. Look T. Otherway, but since Joe is a victim of warm-chair attrition he doesn’t really care anymore.

Wealth Shiftastic adj :
used to describe things associated with Wealth Shift which are either excellent or superlative
Conceptual Use – Mr. Bigboy’s personal use of the company’s Gulfstream IV is Wealth Shiftastic while Average Joe’s Wealth Shifted florescent-yellow post-it notes are not.

Wealth Shiftable adj :
a term used to describe an item of monetary value that is easily reallocated
Conceptual Use – One night Joe tried to strap the company refrigerator onto a dolly and take it down the back stairway, but he couldn’t get the refrigerator through the doorway to the break room so he took the dolly instead. (Unfortunately for Joe, the refrigerator was not as Wealth Shiftable as the dolly.)

Wealth Shiftician n :
one who calculates the impact of Wealth Shift on a company or society in general
Conceptual Use – Mr. Bigboy decided to hire a Wealth Shiftician to determine the cost to the company of Joe’s personal use of the internet at work. Little did Mr. Bigboy realize that Joe’s use of the internet on company time was the least of the company’s Wealth Shift woes.

Wealth Shiftathon n :
a Wealth Shifting event characterized by great concentrated effort
Conceptual Use – After getting fired for Wealth Shifting from the company and defaulting on his adjustable rate sub-prime mortgage, Joe went out and maxed out all his credit cards in one wild Wealth Shiftathon weekend in anticipation of declaring personal bankruptcy.

Wealth Shiftastrophy n :
the disaster than ensues when Wealth Shifting gets so out of hand that it compromises the viability of a company and even an entire economy
Conceptual Use – Thanks to people like Joe and Mr. Bigboy, this country is in the middle of the worst Wealth Shiftastrophy the world has ever seen.