Wealth Shift: The Decline of Ethics in America
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Table of Contents
Chapter 1
Our Workplace Has Changed
Pre-Baby Boomer Work Contract (Workers Born Prior to 1946)
Baby Boomer Work Contract (Workers Born 1946-1964)
Gen X and Y Work Contract (Workers Born After 1964)
What Is Going On Here?
Wealth Shift Wild Fire - Out of Bounds and Out of Control
Keeping An Open Mind
Chapter 2
What Are Ethics, Anyway?
The Theory of Ethical Influence: The Three Key Ethical Influences
A Practical Application of the Theory of Ethical Influence – My Father’s Story
Chapter 3
Wealth Shift in the Workplace – Common Examples of Wealth Shift
How Wealth Shifty Are We?
#1 - Coffee Breaks, Office Holidays, and Practical Jokes
#2 - Mental Health Days, Extra-Long Lunches, and Tardiness
#3 - Personal Use of the Internet, Telephones, Cell Phones, Text Messaging and Other Technology While At Work
#4 - Taboo Behavior
Chapter 4
Insanely Banging Our Heads Against The Wall – Wealth Shift Solutions That Aren’t Working, Never Have Worked, And Never Will Work
#1 – Pile New Rules On Top Of Old Ones
#2 - A Problem Employee By Any Other Name Is Still A Problem
#3 - You Dirty Rat
A Word About Gen Y (aka the Millennials)
Chapter 5
Lessons From The Big Boys
Lesson #1 – I Am All That Matters To Me
Lesson #2 – Do As I Say, Not As I Do
Lesson #3 – The Blame Game
Lesson #4 – Money Isn’t Everything – It’s The Only Thing
Lesson #5 – Leverage It Up
Lesson #6 – Bankruptcy-proofing 101
Lesson #7 – Take Up A Hobby - Speculate
Lesson #8 – Find A Fool
Lesson #9 – What’s Yours is Mine
Chapter 6
Where Do We Go From Here?
Action Plan Item #1 - Revise Your Expectations
Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs – Revisited and Redefined
Action Plan Item #2 – Commit Your Legacy To Paper And Then Follow Through With It