Wealth Shift: The Decline of Ethics in America
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The Theory of Ethical Influence: The Three Key Ethical Influences

Fortunately for us, ethical people are not completely extinct – yet! However rare, we can still learn from the examples they set. And the ones I have come across thus far in my life haven’t simply been random aberrations. They all have certain things in common. They have all been molded into the people they are by what I have identified as the three key ethical influences:

The Three Key Ethical Influences

1) The first key ethical influence is the social climate in which we live.

2) The second key ethical influence is our own personal experience, which includes not only the way we were raised, but also our adult experiences that have either reinforced or made us question what we learned as children.

3) The third key influence is our observation of the examples being set by other people, as well as our perception of how appropriately society is rewarding or punishing their behavior.

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