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January 26, 2011

Stockpiling pays off

The local grocery store had a sale on Charmin (24 double rolls for $9.99) so I bought some even though I still have a lot stockpiled from my last year purchasing when I also bought 24 rolls for $9.99.  At first blush it seemed as if I had made a mistake storing all that toilet paper for a year but then when I started using the TP it seemed to be of a lower quality and also run out faster.  Fortunately for me I had plenty of stockpile to compare the new stuff to!  Indeed, last year's TP has 200 sheets per roll compared to 176 sheets per roll now.  And the sheets themselves are skimpier so it takes more to do the job.  Fewer, lower quality sheets translates into a huge price increase in the 15% year over year range.

Now I'm a girl on a mission.  Notice how SMALL!!!! cereal boxes are these days?  Pretty soon they are going to be charging $3 for a single serving box of Cheerios.

This hidden inflation is dumb.  A huge component of the cost of groceries is packaging.  So we are paying more and getting less and adding more packaging to the landfills.  Better to just charge more for the normal quantity.

This isn't over, folks.  Stockpile.  Where else can you get a 15% guaranteed return on your investment?